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Welcome to Vista Dental Clinic, where focused and professional dental care is provided to each of our patients, delivering happier smiles. Your smile is our priority. Our dentists in Scarborough promise to provide you with exceptional care, whether it is a dental exam and cleaning or full-mouth restoration. Our dentists provide a wide range of services to ensure your whole family receives the quality dental care they need. Our office offers general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, restorations, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics to enhance your smile. Looking for a dental clinic in Scarborough? Contact our dentist near you to find out more about our treatments and services.

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Our dentists in Scarborough and professional team consistently builds excellent, long-term relationships with each of our patients, providing information and options that address their concerns and helping them comfortably achieve their dental goals. Contact us today to find out more about our dentist near you!

If you’re looking for a dental clinic near you, please contact our office! Our dental clinic in Scarborough is looking forward to welcome you and see you smiling.

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Our Dentists Near You Offer Invisalign

To straighten your smile at your own pace, try clear aligners. Our Scarborough dental clinic will provide the greatest care. If you have any other issues, please contact our dentist in Scarborough.

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At Vista Dental Clinic Scarborough, we warmly welcome your entire family and are proud to host generations of patients that rely on us to help. them achieve their smile potential.

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Whether your dental needs are complete exam, full-mouth restoration or anything in between, we have an experienced team that includes dental specialists on staff.

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Dental implants are wonderful things because they off patients who are missing teeth many long-term benefits, including:

  • You’ll be able to chew, talk, and smile just as you normally would because implants can be treated just like ordinary teeth.
  • They’re a permeant solution. Unlike most dental prosthetics, your implants will last you a lifetime.
  • They’re made of titanium, a biocompatible material that won’t irritate your bones or oral tissues.
  • They provide a solid foundation of support for your smile.
  • Can prevent gum disease and decay by filling in the gaps between your teeth.
  • Preserve the shape of your face.

It all depends on the type of dental treatment that you’re receiving.

For routine cleanings and checkups, dentists advise coming in to have this done about every six months. If you’re set to receive a service that’s more extensive like a root canal or braces, you may need to come more frequently.

On average, cosmetic and restorative treatments such as receiving veneers, bridges, or dental bonding, can take between one and two appointments.

In a word: yes, orthodontic treatment can be costly. However, as is the case with most treatments, it depends on the degree of care you require. Braces are a long-term commitment that takes both time and money, costing patients anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. That said, it is an investment that will significantly benefit your oral health for many years to come.

Speak with your orthodontist and your dental insurance provider for more information about payment plans.

Just because you have braces doesn’t mean that you don’t need to maintain good oral hygiene; in fact, keeping your teeth healthy will ensure that your treatment is successful. Here are some things you can do to make that happen:

  • Brush and floss after meals! If your teeth are sensitive, talk to your dentist about a special toothpaste you can use.
  • Be gentle when cleaning your teeth. Metal braces are not indestructible and can break or snap off.
  • Use mouthwash. Rinsing is a quick yet great way to get rid of debris that you can’t remove with a toothbrush.
  • Be selective with what you eat. Foods that are too sticky, crunchy, and touch can get caught in your wires and even scratch your gums.
  • Listen to your orthodontist. And, if you have any problems or questions, contact them for assistance.

Yes! Restorative dentistry is a branch of dental care that can repair multiple dental issues in addition to a broken tooth, like teeth that are chipped, cracked, infected, discolored, or missing.

If you’re unsure whether you require restorative dentistry, get in touch with our local dental practice. We’ll be able to help you identify which course of action is best for you and walk you through the process, so you know exactly what to expect.

Yes, dental x-rays are safe and necessary. Many people might be concerned with radiation that is emitted from x-rays, but it is a very minimal amount. You will be provided with a lead apron to protect your chest and throat from any damage. X-rays help both your hygienist and dentist to form an accurate, in-depth image of your oral health and identify anything amiss before it becomes serious. X-rays are usually taken at the start of your appointment.

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