6 Situations in Which You Will Require Emergency Dental Care

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a woman in a dental emergency sitting in a dentist's chair in scarborough.

Some dental problems need to be treated right away. It’s not ideal to put off visiting the dentist near you for too long since you risk losing your natural tooth. They can also lead to excruciating pain and major bleeding. Fortunately, if you’re dealing with a dental emergency in Scarborough, there are many oral health clinics you can visit that will help you get things back on track, including Vista Dental. 

Fast medical care should always be a top priority. In order to assist you in responding appropriately to these scenarios, we outline the situations that call for immediate care in this blog.

What is Emergency Dental Care?

It makes sense that people are reluctant to visit an emergency dentist when they are unsure of how serious the issue is, especially since this type of oral care is more costly than making a regular appointment. 
Here are a few scenarios in which you might benefit from seeing an emergency dentist in Scarborough to make your life easier.

Severe toothache

An abscessed tooth or an infection may be the cause of a severe toothache that does not go away or gets worse over time. To stop the infection from spreading and causing more harm, immediate treatment is required.

Broken or chipped tooth

In addition to causing pain, discomfort, and sensitivity, a fractured or chipped tooth leaves the tooth open to further harm like an additional infection. For the tooth to be restored or repaired, emergency dental care may be required.

Knocked-out tooth

To enhance the likelihood of saving the tooth, prompt care must be given to a tooth that has been fully knocked out of the mouth. The tooth should, if at all possible, be put back in its socket and kept there until emergency dental care can be obtained.

Lost filling or crown

If a filling or crown slips out, your tooth will be extremely vulnerable. It could be necessary to have emergency dental care to replace the filling or crown and stop additional harm.

Dental abscess or infection

An abscess or infection in the mouth can be extremely painful, swollen, and feverish, and may need to be treated right away to stop the infection from spreading to other body regions.

Severe gum bleeding

Emergency dental care may be required to control serious bleeding and repair any damage if there has been trauma to the mouth.

Prevention When It Comes To Dental Emergencies

1 . Regular dental check-ups and cleanings

Any possible issues can be found and treated before they develop into emergencies with regular dental checkups and cleanings.

2 . Proper oral hygiene habits

In order to help avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues that could result in crises, brush your teeth twice a day, floss every day, and use mouthwash.

3 . Avoiding hard or sticky foods

Foods that are hard or sticky might harm dental procedures like fillings or crowns as well as teeth. To lower the chance of harm, either stay away from these meals or chew them thoroughly.

4 . Wearing a mouthguard during sports or physical activity

A mouthguard can help shield your teeth from harm if you engage in sports or other strenuous activities that could cause a blow to the mouth.

Contact Our Emergency Dental Clinic

Any type of health emergency can be upsetting and uncomfortable, but it’s crucial to get help right away to limit damage. Whether you go to your regular dentist or an emergency dentist near you, be sure to explain your symptoms and make an appointment in advance to be sure they can treat you. By acting quickly and visiting our local practice, you can get the care you need to improve your oral health and well-being.