Gum Recession: What is it and Why is it Dangerous?

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While many people are worried about preventing tooth decay and cavities, there is an even greater danger to oral health: gum recession. Patients often visit Vista Dental Clinic assuming they have tooth sensitivity and pain because of a cavity, only to discover that it is due to receding gums. If you have begun to notice that your teeth look longer or that you have lingering sensitivity to hot and cold drinks, then it could be due to gum recession. Read more to learn about how to find treatment for gum recession near you.

What Happens if Gum Recession is Left Untreated?

Often, patients assume that gum recession isn’t a big deal because there are no obvious signs of infection, and often it does not create any pain either. However, if you avoid getting gum recession treatment in Scarborough, you can wreak havoc on your oral health. Here are some of the problems that gum recession can cause:

No protection– tooth enamel is the hardest and strongest substance that your body can create. It covers the caps of your teeth so that you can enjoy a variety of hard and sticky foods. It also protects against cavities. However, below the surface of the gums, the roots of your tooth are not protected by enamel. When your gums recede, they expose your tooth roots, making them vulnerable to decay. If you leave them exposed for too long, then your dentist in Scarborough may be forced to perform extensive and costly treatments such as root canal therapy to save your tooth from extraction.

Tooth sensitivity– as mentioned before, having sensitive teeth is a sign of gum recession. Your teeth become sensitive when their roots are exposed to hot and cold substances.

Long teeth– when your gums recede, they expose more of your teeth, causing them to appear longer. This can give you a strange and uneven-looking smile and even lead to gaps between your teeth. The longer you put off visiting a dentist near you, the more likely it is that your gum recession will cause problems with the appearance of your smile.

Gum disease– the main cause of gum recession is periodontal disease, and if left untreated, gum disease can become very dangerous. Some patients who suffer from gum recession can see the effects of bone damage caused by chronically infected and inflamed gums, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

How Is Gum Recession Treated?

There are a number of options for treating gum recession, depending on how much it has progressed. If you are in the early stages of gum disease, your dentist may be able to reverse it by performing a deep cleaning, including scaling and root planing. If your recession is very severe, you may need to undergo a gum graft to cover your tooth roots and restore your oral health. Regardless, the first step should always be visiting a dentist to determine the cause and extent of your gum recession.

Visit Vista Dental Clinic

If you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of gum recession, do not wait to visit a dentist for treatment. At Vista Dental Clinic, we are happy to provide you with gum recession treatment so that you can maintain optimal oral health for years to come. Please contact us to book your appointment today.