Is Cosmetic Dentistry Really Worth It?

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Cosmetic dentistry treatments include several procedures that not only make your teeth look beautiful but also restore missing teeth, lost function and preserve your health. Is there any wonder that so many people appreciate the value of investing time and money in the services of a cosmetic dentist near you?

What does cosmetic dentistry include?

Cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough encompasses the following sets of treatments:

  • Dentures that don’t just replace your missing teeth but that enhance your smile
  • Bridges to replace missing teeth and fill gaps that darken your appearance
  • Crowns that strengthen weakened tooth structure and that perfect the shape, size and colour of teeth
  • Dental implants that look, feel and act like healthy teeth that give you everything to smile about
  • Veneers to hide away any flaws that make you self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth

Why do people choose cosmetic dentistry?

Beautiful smiles boost your confidence. You may have no idea how ashamed you were of your stained and discoloured teeth until you see yourself in the mirror with the brightest teeth you’ve seen in your own smile in too long. Finally! Something to smile about!

Some events are too significant to hide from. Many people with teeth that they perceive as flawed retreat from intimate moments and special events at the price of sacrificing what would have been valuable memories. There are too many photographs taken at weddings and graduations where someone is missing or turned away or hidden behind a hand out of reluctance and reticence to be present in full.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether it should be this way or not, people do judge books by their covers and people by their appearance — including the appearance of your teeth. Do you need to grab and hold someone’s attention soon at an interview, meeting, pitch or presentation? Investing in veneers or other cosmetic dentistry options while getting ready can eliminate one more excuse for not having their full attention.

Insecurity can be a lonely feeling. Some people find it hard to love themselves or others or to let themselves be loved if they perceive themselves with nothing more than loathing. Strong words, we know, but we know them to be true. We have seen the impacts that people experience when the lingering effects of bad decisions and former habits — sometimes in the form of stained and neglected teeth — are finally removed from the world’s view and judgment.

Do you need a reason to break a bad habit? If your teeth are already yellow, there’s no reason to quit, right? If it’s not going to harm your teeth, there’s no problem chewing your fingernails, right? What if you want to quit smoking, though. And what if you can’t stand your childish habit of chewing your nails? Well, in those cases, maybe investing time and money in professional teeth whitening a set of veneers for your Smile Zone is all you need to break those habits once and for all.

It’s time to act and look your age. Living with missing teeth can give you a sunken look that adds years to your apparent age. You can take all those years off your face and out of people’s impressions of you — if that matters even a bit — by replacing those missing teeth with implants or a bridge. It’s your face, so it’s your choice.

Cosmetic dentistry services by your dentist in Scarborough are intended to ensure you, your teeth and your gums are always at your healthiest and best, because healthy is beautiful and so are you.