Children's Dentistry in Scarborough

Children’s Dentistry Near You

Are you searching for a children’s dentist near you? We are happy to offer children’s dentistry in Scarborough. A first dental visit for your child is a chance for them to learn and develop healthy dental habits. It also allows your children to build a friendly relationship with their dentist so that they look forward to visiting our clinic! Though some children may experience fear when going to the dentist for the first time, this milestone is positive and can educate both you and your child.

childrens dentistry in scarborough

Importance of Seeking Children’s Dentistry Near You

It is recommended that infants have their first dental visit within the first six months of getting their first tooth. Seeking children’s dentistry near you at an early age aims to make sure your child’s teeth are healthy and that they’ll receive proper cleaning and care as your child grows.

Along with ensuring that your child’s teeth are healthy, early dental visits also allow our children’s dentist in Scarborough to examine your child’s teeth for any cavities or abnormalities. Even with baby teeth, preventing cavities is vital since it can lead to pain or infection if left untreated.

Developing proper oral hygiene habits is essential for the success of your child’s oral health. Our children’s dentist near you may give you feedback or tips on cleaning your child’s teeth to keep their smile white and healthy. Any additional concerns may also be addressed during their first appointment.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about children’s dentistry in Scarborough, please contact us.

What to Expect

During your child’s first visit at our dental clinic in Scarborough, ON M1B 3C2, these are some of the things you can expect us to do:

  • Greet your child and build a friendly relationship with them
  • Talk to your child and educate them about dental hygiene
  • Familiarize your child with dental instruments
  • Clean and polish the teeth
  • Apply fluoride treatment
  • Examine your child’s teeth for any potential dental concerns
  • Have your child pick out a reward or prize

X-rays may also be needed; however, if your child feels nervous about their first appointment, we can always reschedule that for the next appointment. We provide children’s dentistry in Scarborough to ensure your child achieves optimal oral health in a comfortable environment.

To create a positive experience for your child, here are some steps to take so your child feels more comfortable leading up to their first visit.

  • Touring our dental clinic and meeting the dentist before the appointment
  • Holding your child’s hand or having them sit on your lap during the appointment
  • Scheduling the same hygienist for future appointments

Making sure you and your child are comfortable during dental visits is a priority at our dental clinic in Scarborough, ON M1B 3C2. If you have any questions about children’s dentistry in Scarborough, contact our dental clinic today! We strive to assist you and your family in any way we can.